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Branding and logo creation are some of my greatest passions

I offer my talents as a gift to you.

I am a graphic artist and logo designer, the arm to your vision. I will do everything I can to make what you see in your mind come out on paper. I have a combination of natural talents and learned skills to offer you at the price you set. I operate my business as a gift economy designer and I’m a strong supporter of the Creative Commons. What helps you, helps me and vice-versa.

A well-designed logo not only does wonders to brand the minds of your customers, it brings everyone in your business under the same emblem — unifying your employees. The process will go something like this:

  • You send me an inquiry for branding/logo design or (just about) any creative service.
  • I ask you some questions about your business and it’s culture
  • We set up a meeting either locally, through google hangouts, or on the phone to begin hashing out your needs through a Q&A series
  • I sketch out some ideas and send them to you to review, then we talk about whether I’m on or off track
  • Once we’re in sync with the design we fine tune any adjustments, if necessary
  • I then sign over unlimited copyright ownership of the logo to you
  • Finally, you pay me whatever you deem fair for the service I have provided you, this is entirely up to you. If you’d like to make a one-time contribution or several over time, you and I can work it out.

Alex Theberge – gift economy logo designer and creative services.